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Our Employees

At Premier Paper and Packaging we take pride in our team work!  We are dedicated to the company and feel blessed to work with each other on a daily basis.  It is our honor to introduce you to our team.  Each of us is here to help you and to make your experience with Premier Paper and Packaging the best it can be.

Ed Stansberry (CEd Stansberryo-founder and CFO)  Ed is a graduate of Baker University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  He spent his first 8 years in the paper industry with Nationwide Papers in Texas and Kansas City, Missouri.  He has 27 years of experience in the paper industry.  He is considered a valuable asset to Premier Paper’s team.  Contact Ed with financial questions.
Doug StansberryDoug Stansberry (Co-founder and CEO)  Doug is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  He spent his first 15 years in the paper industry with Nationwide Papers, Kansas City, Missouri.  Doug has 34 years of experience in the paper industry and is a key decision maker on Premier Paper’s team.  Contact Doug for DI Press information and general sales inquiries.
Clay Stansberry (CLAYWEBOperations Executive and COO)  Clay attended Columbia College of Missouri. He is an integral part of Premier Paper’s team, controlling all internal operations. He is the “go to” guy for all things Premier! Clay has 7 years of experience in the paper industry, all of which have been at Premier Paper and Packaging.
Brynne Mellon and Bailye Colbert (Brynne and Bailye StansberrySales/Bid Managers)  Bailye and Brynne are graduates of Columbia College of Missouri with Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.  The newest members of Premier’s team control all school, government, and private business bids! The twins also team up to manage social media, the paper blog, and Premier’s website.  They have been with premier for 2 years.  Contact Brynne and Bailye with bid opportunities and requests for price quotes.

Premier Paper and Packaging is the only remaining, family-owned and operated paper distributor in Missouri.

2 thoughts on “ Our Employees

  • roger miller
    roger miller
    January 25, 2017 1:05 pm

    Have Doug call me at Lary's request. Thanks.

    • B. Stansberry
      B. Stansberry
      January 25, 2017 1:19 pm

      Hi Roger, We will pass your message along to Doug. Thank you!

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